(or Hopefully of the World) 


Commissioned by Tamasha Theatre Company for the Small Lives, Global Ties Online Gallery

An unknown traumatic event drives a woman to pursue complete isolation and abstraction of identity. Internally broken and gone, she abandons every real piece of importance in her life—her profession, her ambitions, her kin, her deepest companions, her lovers, her beloveds, her household, her town, her peace, her mind. Instead, she scatters anonymously, leaving incoherent fragments of herself across the massive, intangible territory of the internet, finding both homelessness and refuge in this particularly advanced yet artificial space. The only certain form of her identity is her e-mail account, wherein it contains series of letters authored by herself and addressed to herself, e-mails holding links and attachments of her strange photos and stranger videos of herself—everything in a somewhat forlorn attempt to recover and remember, repair and reconcile and perhaps, reconstruct every defeated particle of her sincere individualism. (or Hopefully of the World) was an interactive private show that allowed spectators to participate in invading, relating with, and embodying Sana del Mundo by unlocking her intimate e-mail account. Certain instructions or suggestions will lead the spectators into opening each message chronologically, thus realizing the subtle arc of events in Sana del Mundo’s un/consciousness: the beginnings of her detached reality, the pinnacle of her lonely madness, and the internally violent resolution to exorcise secret demons so as to heal, sober, and become whole and concrete once more.