Prolonged Memory of the Boys That Were (2008)

Performer/ Director/ Producer

Collaborator: Kcue Palma 

Photos by: Kayan Chiu

Featured at: 

  • Asian American Arts Centre in conjunction to the Zero Capital art exhibit, Clusterbomb!, (New York City, New York, 2008)

Prolonged Memory of the Boys That Were was part of THE PERSONAL SPECTACLE SERIES, a semi-autobriographical project that experminents on abstract narrative styles by avoiding any propensity for logic, clarity of language, linearity, and exposition of plot, yet maintaining a significant story arc. PROLONGED a silent, three-hour, two-character installation/movement piece about a woman role-playing and replaying the painful memory of her gang rape. The piece uses elements of contemporary dance, mime, clowning, masks, puppetry, and performance art.