More is More (or Less) 


Performer/ Researcher-Writer/ Producer

Musical Composition and Improvisation: Tsz-Ying Tam 

Lighting Design: Bruce Sharp 

Sound Design: Tony Forman

Venue and Date of Performance: Studio Theatre, Jubilee Building, Roehampton University (London, UK), May 17, 2017

Running Time: 8 hours

MORE IS MORE (OR LESS) was a practice-led research project that delved into the idea of maximalism in performance through scenography and performance ethnography. 

From a scenographic standpoint, the proposition sought to explore on the significance, possibility, and consequence of excess in performance design, and how such material overload could influence and impact the choices and motion of the performing body.

From an ethnographic perspective, the project served as an opportunity to examine a wider social context that involves material excess as a socio-cultural reality. It sought to investigate into the sociology of space and objects—particularly those that are subject to extreme forms and conditions of socio-cultural hybridity wrought by historical, economical, political, domestic, and global changes.

It drew focus on the Southeast Asian condition—a specific cultural body wherein its constituents share parallel and layered narratives of colonial past, postcolonial struggles, political and national development, and engagement with mass and rapid globalisation. The result of such layered narratives is reflected on the explosion of material excess and hybridity found in Southeast Asian spaces—whether these are private (homes, offices, etc.), public (transportation, marketplaces, churches, temples, etc) or impressed in foreign soils (diasporic communities). MORE IS MORE (OR LESS) aimed to take into account this particular cultural phenomenon of Southeast Asia when devising the scenography and performance into maximalist proportions.